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The Co-Write

So to actually have a blog means that I need to have things to write about. It’s almost like song-writing in a way, without all of the rhyming.

I tend to hit extended streaks of writer’s block. I can sit down with a guitar and come up with melodies or put the pen to paper, but nothing original or creative will come out. It is extremely frustrating and it leaves me uninspired. The truth is that you need to be inspired to write good lyrics, so feeling uninspired works heavily against creativity. I’ll find myself continuously writing the same song over and over, almost like I’m trapped within my own limited creative space.

So I decided to co-write some songs. With some very few exceptions, I never take other people’s songs or lyrics for my albums. I don’t feel that I can truly connect to someone else’s inspiration and make it my own. My father is one of the few I can, mainly because I know where his lyrics and compositions come from and can easily tap into that inspiration. But to work with other people? Not for me.

But I decided to go ahead and work with some other writers I know in order to boost my creativity. Now before I go ahead and fill you all in on how that went, I immediately began to write some great material myself and almost let go of the co-write idea altogether. However, I wanted to see where this would take me. One of my clients in the studio is a ridiculously talented composer. He is not musical in the slightest, but he just gets it. He understands the concept of a hook and his songs, while sometimes are a bit out there, are hits most of the time. So I took a song in which I only had verses and pitched him the concept and what I needed for the chorus. What happened next was very enlightening to me. Not to toot my own horn, but I feel I’m a pretty good writer. But he went somewhere with the chorus that I never in my career as a songwriter, have gone. Rhythmically, it was such a different direction that I immediately took to it. The song isn’t done yet, but I learned a valuable lesson with this experience. Other people’s inspirations and talents are not the same as mine. And by working together, combining each other’s style, a team can really come up with some creative results. Results that you will hear soon enough.

Gonna go work on some more ideas to pitch to my new collaborator. Feel free to share concepts that would make some great song ideas – we can co-write togther.