As promised, I’m back to writing a bit more often. Just wanted to give a little insight into my show last night.

It is a rare opportunity to do unplugged show. When I say “unplugged” I don’t mean “not able to hear” in a live setting, but rather a more stripped down performance of what usually are heavy electric guitar, bass, and drums driven songs. I find that while doing a performance with a full band may be exciting and full of energy, there really is something to the organic and “rootsy” feel of the acoustic and unplugged performance.

Such was the case on Monday night. Big stage, nice size audience, and me on acoustic guitar and my drummer Avidon on the cajon (pronounced cahone – a percussion box that you sit on and acts as a drum). First of all – all of the older folks in the audience loved the fact that the volume was never an issue throughout the 35 minute set, so plus one for me there.

But more importantly was the feel of the show. Even though I played my regular Jewish rock material, having it in a such a stripped down fashion really exposes the emotions I had put into the music when I had originally written them on my acoustic guitar in my room. There’s something so true and real about performing this way. This has been my second “unplugged” performance in the last two months, and I must say – I’m loving it.

On to Wednesday, with the full band, big sound, electric guitar, jam out… well there’s something to that as well. Audio to come soon.

Until then!

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2 thoughts on “Unplugged

  1. Danny Kaplan says:

    Awesome…cant wait for Unplugged in San Diego!

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