In A Name

So with the birth of my first child comes the challenge of naming him. This was not an easy task as both my wife and I had names we felt very strongly about to use for this new addition in our lives. A name is something truly powerful. In my opinion, it in some way, defines a person. I’ve heard that when a baby comes out of the womb, you can actually tell what the he or she should be called. Well in my case, I was able to tell the name I wanted and my wife was able to tell hers, so no solution there. However, sometimes the right name just makes its way to the top as was the case with my little buddy. After a day or so it seemed obvious this baby needed names befitting leadership. I don’t know why, but thats what I felt was necessary to help define the future of my child. And so we used the name my wife felt so strongly about, after her great-grandfather, who from what I hear was a truly incredible individual. Comprised of the names of two of the greatest leaders in the history of the Jewish people, the name Moshe Dovid was given to my son.

Coincidentally, Neshoma Orchestra, the band that I work for, put together a video for a client who was making a bar mitzvah for his son who is also named Moshe Dovid. Composed by the incredibly gifted Yossi Green, the song goes through comparing Moshe Rabeinu and Dovid Hamelech in how their actions in leadership were so alike. It’s no surprise that when music is playing, little Moshe Dovid is most calm. And this is the song I constantly play for him.


2 thoughts on “In A Name

  1. Mazal Tov. We also think a lot about our children’s names and make sure they have Hashem’s letters in them. Nice post, only Simchos!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, this song is beautiful. I’m sure your Moshe Dovid will grow up to be amazing like his Abba!

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