Best Job In The World

Sometimes we can really forget how enjoyable certain things are. For some people, work really isn’t a pleasant thing. But for some, we simply forget how lucky we are to do what we do.

Part of how I make a living is by playing weddings. Very often, it’s many nights in a row, with the same songs, in a different hall, and sometimes with different musicians. Things can get very repetitive and tiring, therefore making it difficult to really focus on how lucky I am to be doing this. I love music and being able to do it professionally, all the time, is such an amazing thing.

Part of what us musicians do is lift up people. Our job is to bring joy to the bride and groom, and give them the perfect evening of music so that they can dance and have the time of their lives on their most special day. I always try to keep this in mind. When I get into it, the crowd gets into it. And that will make the wedding more enjoyable to everyone, including myself. So, while writing this late at night after another great evening of music, I just wanted to put it out there that I truly have – The Best Job In The World.


One thought on “Best Job In The World

  1. Shimmy Atlas says:

    Agreed! I can walk into a hall bone tired and by the time I start singing, the adrenaline rush kicks in and I am on a high. Doctors hear people complaining and feeling bad. We get to see people happy and make them even happier!

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