A New Start

Ah, the feel of a brand new, blank page.

There is some sort of feeling involved when starting something new. I get that feeling every time I’m starting to write a new song and I open my notebook to write lyrics down. I get it every time I start some sort of new project. And I get it every time I wake up in the morning.

The truth is that I love Social Media and the potential it has for marketing literally anything. I have barely spent money advertising my two albums, mainly due to the fact that I felt I can really promote them heavily through Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. From the way I see it, things have gone well. But there is so much more to learn in the Social Media marketing atmosphere. Recently I started working on campaign plans for a few companies and organizations, and through my research I realized that I have been neglecting a major outlet in Social Media. The Blog. I love reading blogs, I just never thought to do my own. What would I write about? Would anybody actually read what I took the time to write? (Well I guess you are now…)

Ultimately, I think that other than being a Social Media experiment, I think blogging can work as a way to actually put down my thoughts on a blank page. Not necessarily lyrics, although I am sure that I’ll end up posting ideas at some point. There is so much to write about in this world, and I honestly do think, just like with music, that if someone can take away something from any of posts I may publish, then it is all worth it.

With that being said, be inspired. It’s the only way to live.


2 thoughts on “A New Start

  1. Ken Waters says:

    This is such a great idea Aryeh. I’m not on Facebook and although I follow on Twitter, how much can you really say in a 140 characters? I’m looking forward to see what turns up here and participate in the conversation……just please don’t let it slow down getting the next album out! 🙂

    • Ken,
      Thank you! You’re the first to comment on what will hopefully be something really great.

      Part of the plan for the blog is to keep people posted on the progress of the new album and what is going on behind the scenes. So don’t worry, one will not slow the other down!

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